Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about WARP, the most exciting GameFi protocol to hit the multiverse.


What is WARP?

WARP is a multi-chain GameFi project that features an all-encompassing ecosystem. From using a rebasing mechanic similar to the OHM Protocol, an internal NFT marketplace modeled after OpenSea, an online multiplayer arcade battle built in Unity, a turn-based blockchain strategy game, and more, WARP brings many different components into a sci-fi metaverse with multi-chain interactions built in through the WARPGATE.

What makes WARP unique?

WARP separates itself from other OHM forks by offering the following unique features:

  1. Travel to multiple staking pools via unique Starship NFTs
  2. Build starship NFTs by buying parts using DAI and assemble those starships in the Starship Factory
  3. Multichain integration allows you to send your NFT starships between chains where WARP has been launched
  4. Built-in NFT marketplace allows you to buy, list, and sell both NFT starships and the parts that create them to other users
  5. Multiplayer battle royale game available free for all starship captains
  6. Turn-based blockchain battle arena where you can list and fight other listed starships
  7. Seasonal deployment release schedule drops huge features and new economic opportunities all in one go
  8. Fair launch - no early IDOs, Presales, IEOs, or influencers paid with WARP. Same chances to be a starship Captain for everyone.
  9. Powerful and unique WEB3 user interface
  10. All contracts, code, UI, and development done in-house with no third party vendors, meaning ultimate security and stability.

So what are you waiting for? The stars are calling.

How do I buy WARP?

Warp is live on Sushiswap on the Polygon network and will be on Spookyswap on the Fantom network. Be sure to only use the contract address listed on the Gitbook, Discord, and website. You must create your bonds, buy your parts, build your starships, fight in battles, and travel between planets only on the official WARP web3 app available at

What network is WARP on?

WARP is currently live on the Polygon network and coming soon to the Fantom network. After launch on Fantom, WARP will arrive on Avalanche, Metis, BSC, and even Ethereum!

What's the difference between bonding and staking?

In WARP, there are two major components to the ecosystem: bonding and staking. Both are crucial to the overall success of the project. In short, staking is the primary strategy to increase your WARP holdings. Bonding is the process by which a treasury that backs the token is created and allows users to buy WARP at a discounted price (thus also increasing your WARP holdings). By utilizing both bonding and staking, WARP Captains can maximize their exposure to WARP while simultaneously backing the ecosystem that powers it.

For more information on the difference between bonding and staking, please view the following resources:

What bond tokens are allowed in WARP?

Bonding is currently closed on the Polygon network. On Fantom, you will be able to bond DAI and WARP/DAI LP tokens for up to a 40% bonus on launch. When you bond WARP/DAP LP tokens, you exchange the LP tokens themselves for WARP, at the biggest launch discount. You will need to add liquidity to the WARP/DAI pair in Sushiswap to earn LP tokens. You can do this straight in the WARP app using our Add Liquidity tool, which saves you the fee incurred by the exchanges.

Where do I go if I need help?

Please check out our comprehensive tutorial series available on YouTube that breaks down all the components of the ecosystem. You can find that tutorial series here.

For help, please come join the WARP discord where you can get technical support from the team and the WARP community. You can open a support ticket in the #support-desk channel where a member of the moderator team can provide assistance.

How can I win a free starship?

Starships are going to be the most lucrative component of the WARP ecosystem. And you can get a chance to win a fully-fueled starship, starship parts, or repair kits by entering our WARP contest.

For more information, visit the contest website at:


Fantom Contract Addresses

The Fantom network token has not yet launched. Please come back later for the details

How do I sell my WARP tokens?

Because of the 5% burn fee (outlined below in the Development section) you must set your slippage to 5% or more (we generally recommend 6%) in order to successfully sell your WARP tokens, as this accounts for the 5% burn fee.


What are Starships?

Starships are the primary economic resource in WARP. They are beautifully rendered NFTs that unlock traveling, battling, multi-planet staking, ship rentals, and future racing and expeditions (quests). Owning a starship 

Why would I want to travel to new planets?

Each planet represents a staking pool. Instead of just having a single staking pool available for the entire community like on Olympus DAO and many of its forks, with WARP, starships allow their Captains to travel between these planetary staking pools. When a new planet is discovered, a "gold rush" will ensue, rewarding the starship captains who arrive first with the biggest share of the pool and its resulting bonus. You cannot travel between planets without having a starship. Once your starship has arrived at a new planet, the staking pool unlocks, allowing you to stake your WARP tokens for greater reward.

What happens if I don't have a starship?

Although multi-planet staking, the Arcade, Starship Battles, and the WARPGATE are not accessible if you don't have a starship, you can still participate in some components of the ecosystem. For chains with active Bonding, you can bond, create stakes using your WARP tokens, withdraw your stakes, and buy/sell parts all without needing a starship. With the upcoming release of WARP Season 2, owning a starship is an important investment for future events and economic opportunities.

How do I build a starship?

In order to build your own starship, you must have 3 total starship parts: a bridge, a hull, and an engine. You can buy these parts directly in the Parts Store or buy them from another user in the Shipyard. 

You will combine your NFT parts in the WARP Starship Factory available in our web app. All the NFT starship parts look the same, but when you build a starship, you will mint your own unique starship in one of the 10 starship classes (11 if you are on Fantom). You cannot pick which starship class you are minted. If you want a specific class or design of starship, you can buy it from another user in the Shipyard.

Each starship will have a unique parameter such as strength and speed assigned to it based on the amount put into each bond. If you buy a Hull part for 500 DAI, for example, then Hull Strength will be a value of 500 and will be added to the strength properties of the starship when it is assembled. The quality and strength of your ship is determined by the number of points the NFT contains at purchase. A Hull with 1,000 strength points will be stronger than a Hull with 250 points. The strength of each ship component and the starship as a whole comes into play when you battle in the Arena and the Arcade, as well as when your ship goes on an Expedition (quest) and participates in Ship Racing in Season 2.

Once your starship is built, it will take 1 Fuel Cell in order to fuel your starship for travel to another planet. Fuel Cells are directly purchasable in the Parts Store.

You can choose to use your starship to travel between planets, participate in battles, travel to new blockchain networks, or sell your starship on the Shipyard for the price of your choosing to another user who may want to buy it.

One thing is for sure: starships are the single hottest economic commodity in WARP.

Can I buy a starship directly?

Strictly speaking, you do not "buy" starships or starship parts through WARP. Starship parts are given for free to users who bond $250 of WARP or more. Starships are made by combining a bridge, hull, and engine NFT in the WARP hangar.

Other users who have successfully built Starships will be able to sell their Starship on OpenSea for the price of their choosing. If you are unable to build your own ship, then buying one on OpenSea is your best bet of acquiring one.

Can I own multiple ships?

Yes! If you buy or build multiple ships then you can use multiple ships to earn rewards from multiple staking pools, deploy them for multiple battles, and choose which ships you want to fight with in the Arena. With 5 planets released during each WARP season, a Captain who owns 5 ships can have a starship parked at each planet and earn the cumulative rewards when staking from each planet! With Expeditions, you can send multiple starships out on quests to come back with even more rewards.

Can I name my starship?

Yes! Starships will be nameable with the name stored on the NFT itself. You can rename your starship at any time for free and your starship name will be visible in the WARP hangar. If you sell your starship, the name of that starship will go to the new owner, who may choose to rename it at any time. Names that violate our Terms of Service may be subject to renaming or removal.

What happens if I sell a starship while on another planet?

Think of WARP Starships as the keys to unlocking a specific pool. If you sell your key, you cannot unlock that pool. If you have staked your WARP on planet 3, for example, as long as your WARP is staked in that pool it will continue to accrue WARP based on the pool it is staked through. If you sell your Starship with your WARP on Planet 3, then you cannot enter any other planet's staking pool unless you have a starship to unlock it. If you unstake your WARP and want to re-stake later, you will start back on Earth (planet 1) where most of the users are. 

When buying a starship, it will remain on whatever planet it is currently docked. So if you buy a starship that is on Planet 3, then you will be able to enter Planet 3's staking pool without traveling.

Can I choose which starship I get minted?

The starships generated by combining Starship Parts are chosen at random from a pool of NFT starships, with the starship design, properties, and its resulting rarity being selected at random.

The only way to choose a style of starship is to buy them from another Captain in the Shipyard. There, you will see which starship has been generated with that NFT as well as search by class and attributes.

If you do not like the starship that was generated for you, then you can either sell your starship on the Shipyard to another Captain or keep it.

What is Starship EXP?

When your starship participates in Arena battles it earns EXP regardless of whether you won or lost. With Ship Racing and Expeditions, your starship will also gain EXP. Experience gives you future benefits including discounts on price, spendable tokens, and better chances of success in game elements.

Does Starship EXP apply to me or my ship?

Starship EXP is an attribute associated with the Starship NFT itself. Your cumulative EXP is a result of all the EXP in your starships added together. If you sell a starship, your cumulative EXP will lower. Similarly, if you buy a starship, its EXP will be added to your cumulative EXP.

How do I enter into a battle with my starship?

For a complete overview on Starship Battles, please view this tutorial series that covers the Battle Arena including how to battle other ships, post your ship for battle, and repair damaged starships.

The battle arena is accessible on the WARP webapp, found here: 

Traveling in the WARP metaverse

What are Fuel Cells and why do I need them?

Fuel Cells are used to power FTL travel in the WARP metaverse. Without a Fuel Cell, your ship remains docked to the space station in orbit around a planet. Fuel Cells are one of the 4 classes of NFTs available for purchase in the Parts Store. The amount of points a fuel cell contains is proportional to the amount purchased, with a minimum of 250 points to generate a Fuel Cell NFT. If a user buys a $250 part, the Fuel Cell NFT will contain 500 points. A $1,000 bond will create a Fuel Cell with 2,000 points, and so on. A single FTL jump at the slowest speed requires 250 points.

Fuel cells can be bought and sold in the Shipyard to Captains who need them to power their starships. Because you must have Fuel Cells in order to travel, and with new planets being discovered each season, there will never be a lack of a need for Fuel Cells!

Are there any benefits to remaining on a planet?

This is where the unique game theory of WARP comes into play. If a new "gold rush" is created when a new planet is discovered, a potential mass-exodus of ships will be racing to the new planet to unlock its lucrative resources. With such an exodus, those who remain behind will find themselves with a larger share of that planet's resources. So the APY will go up based on the number of ships leaving. Thus there is always an opportunity to earn rewards in WARP, though the biggest resource will always be new planets, as the resources in existing planets will be diminished as more Captains claim their share of the rewards.

Does it take time to travel between planets?

Using a single Fuel Cell with 250 points of fuel (the minimum required to travel between planets) it will take 24 hours for your starship to travel to a new planet. You will not be losing out on staking rewards during this travel time, your WARP will be staked with whatever planet you departed from. Once you arrive at the new planet, you can then unstake your WARP from the previous planet, and re-stake it in the new planet's staking pool, thus unlocking its resources.

If you want to travel to a new planet faster than 24 hours, you can add additional fuel points (refuelable through your Fuel Cell) with each dollar of bond correlating to the amount of fuel you have. A Fuel Cell NFT bought with a $500 bond will contain 500 points of fuel. If you put all 500 points into your starship, it will only take 12 hours to get to the new planet. If you wanted to travel to an adjacent star system in one hour, you would need 250 x 24 = 6,000 fuel points to arrive at the next planet first. One hour is the fastest any ship will be able to travel, adding additional fuel points beyond the maximum will not make your ship faster. Once you arrive at the destination, all the fuel will have been expended during travel and your ship will need to be refueled in order to make another FTL jump.

If you are on Earth and you want to travel to planet 5 - the final planet in the WARP season - it will take 4 days to reach and will require a minimum of 4 x 250 fuel points (1,000 fuel points) to jump 4 star systems ahead. If you spend 2,000 fuel points you will reach the 5th planet in 2 days. And so on.

How do I buy Fuel Cells?

You can buy Fuel Cells in the Parts Store section of the Web App or you can buy them from another user who has listed Fuel Cells for sale in the Parts section of the Shipyard.

Can I choose how much to fuel my starship(s)?

In the WARP hangar, you can choose to fuel your starship as much or as little as you want. A starship will only be able to make an FTL jump when it has 250 points of fuel. If you have a Fuel Cell with 1,000 points in it, you can choose to fuel your ship with only 250 points, leaving 750 points remaining in your Fuel Cell. If you have multiple starships, you can choose to expend only part of your Fuel Cells into each starship to fuel your fleet from a single large Fuel Cell.

Once the Fuel Cell NFT is emptied of fuel points, the Fuel Cell NFT is burned and unusable. You will need to acquire another Fuel Cell in order to fuel up your starship.

For example, if you have one Fuel Cell with 50 points remaining in it, you can expend the entire Fuel Cell to fill your starship. But you will need to get another Fuel Cell with at least 200 points available in it to fuel your starship enough for an FTL jump.

Development and security

Is WARP a safe investment?

WARP is built using a verified development team with years of experience and over 4 consecutive audits by Halborn, Certik, Solidity Finance and Halborn. WARP is running on the Polygon and Fantom blockchains, prominent networks with thousands of other successful projects. When it comes to investing in projects, similar to all crypto investing in general, it is important to always do your own research and NEVER invest more than you are willing to lose. You, and you alone, are the only one to determine whether a project is worth investing your tokens into. If you have questions about the project or the team, you can reach out to the team via the official WARP Discord channel.

What is a fair launch?

WARP is committing to a fair launch project. This means that all Captains get access to the WARP token at launch on new blockchains with no presales, airdrops, IEOs or IDOs being given out to anyone. This means none of the development team are getting any WARP tokens, no influencers will be getting WARP, and no crypto communities will be getting WARP. As a part of a launch incentive, select communities will be given unique 1/1 spaceships or spaceship parts, but they will come with no WARP tokens and the NFTs have no inherent value outside of whatever the open market places on the Starships and Starship NFTs themselves. To learn about these special giveaways and the communities they are available to, please join the WARP discord and pay attention to the announcements to see how you can be involved.

Any investor, whether a WARP developer or a random person out in the metaverse, will need to buy WARP at launch and contribute to the ecosystem as a whole in order to benefit from its growth.

In doing so, we can make sure that there is no unfair early dumping or price manipulation being done by those who were lucky enough to be connected in the early days.

This is our pledge as a development team - to be honest, ethical, fair, and community-driven with WARP and any project that we've been a part of building.

What are the development fees in WARP?

To help support the project and all ongoing development, proceeds from economic features in WARP will be set aside in a WARP development fund Gnosis safe with a minimum of 4 signers. This fund will go towards paying for the continued development, marketing, and salaries of the development team. The funding breakdown is as follows:

  • 10% of the incoming tokens for all created bonds will go to the development fund. If someone bonds $100, $90 will go to the treasury and $10 will go to the development fund.

  • 10% of all royalties on NFT ship parts, starships, fuel cells, etc. will go to the development fund whether sold on a platform like OpenSea or within the WARP Shipyard.

  • 10% of all Battle Bids in the Arena are set aside for development fees.
  • For every WARP token that is minted, an additional 20% of the token is minted into the Lightspeed Fund. This fund will be set aside to create a supply for future developments, incentives, exchange listings, giveaways, etc. For reference, OHM mints 100% of the token (in essence, for every one OHM token another OHM is minted to the DAO fund). WARP will only be minting 20% to the Lightspeed Fund.

The Lightspeed Fund and its future use (if any) is not guaranteed and is up to the development team's discretion on how it is used. Any future utilization of the Lightspeed fund will be communicated to the community but is not subject to voting. WARP does not operate as a DAO and the usage of the Lightspeed Fund (if any) will be determined by the WARP team and any community advisors it so chooses.

Why does WARP have a 5% sell burn?

With cooperation, WARP's users can ensure the maximum possible collective benefit for the entire network of participants. Participants are incentivized to remain staking WARP and receive extra bonuses for doing so. For more on the game theory of OHM and WARP, please visit our Gitbook.

To help continue to incentivize the community to participate in collectively building a treasury that mutually benefits all Captains, WARP is implementing a 5% burn on all sells, that is exchanging WARP for another token. This amount of WARP is sent to the Polygon Dead Address where it is unreachable, as well as removed from the Warp Total Supply.

This 5% burn on sells is a deflationary measurement to help reduce overall ecosystem inflation. The burned WARP tokens will be easily trackable for anyone who looks at the Polygon dead address, and the total amount burned will be displayed on the WARP Web App.

warp a new ohm fork featuring NFT bonds and buildable starships to travel through the staking metaverse

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